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佛牌 袋鼠皮 lifestylebean bag filling

Many cornhole game enthusiasts are having debate on whether it is better to fill the cornhole bag with corn or plastic pellets. Some are raving how it is more convenient and practical to use plastic pellets while others are die-hard fans of corn filled bags. A fan of corn-filled bags could easily bring up the fact that the game is called cornhole game and not plastic pellet game thus it is just right to use corn as bag fillings. Well, that argument could make a lot of sense but in this article , we will try to go deeper into the issue to know which between plastic pellet or corn is the best to use for the cornhole bean bag filling.

First of well, we have to consider the weather resistant factor. For this category, we will give the point to plastic pellets since it is more resistant to moisture. Corn could be more susceptible to developing mildew over period of time. When you leave your cornhole bag outside and rain starts to pour, there is a big tendency that morning dew will start working its way to the cornhole bag most especially if you did not dry the bag quickly. In fact, the corn filled bag could swell up because of the water that you might need to sew it up after.佛牌 袋鼠皮 lifestyle

However, one advantage of using corn is that it breaks down good as time passes by. The cornhole bags are usually made from “Duck cloth” canvas that is usually stiff and tough when new. But once the canvas breaks down, the bag will become softer like your “favourite” T-shirt or sweat pants. Thus, it will become easier to play with. Although, you have to consider the changes in the weight of a corn filled bag because sometimes it breaks down too much. You will feel as if you are playing with a half-empty bag. That of course, becomes a downside for corn as filling.

You may read many technical disadvantages of using corn but when it comes to “feeling” which one is more comfortable and easy to play with, you could not argue that it is indeed a corn filled bag. Well, the dust that the corn filled bags produce makes the bags slide, which eventually makes it easier to play with. Just like the saying, “dust is a must” as there is something different about the dust of cornhole bag that coats your hands and clouds around the board when the bag hits it.






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